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Medical Treatments

What are the benefits?

Medical treatments should be viewed as pain reducers that aim to facilitate your patient’s functionality and quality of life. In some cases they can be used to facilitate a reduction in (and sometime cessation of) any existing opioid therapy. Some patients prefer medical treatments as they are seen as less invasive than pain procedures.


Medical treatments

Are pain based treatments safe?

Like all medical treatments they can be associated with potential side effects that we discuss with your patient(s). When choosing a medical treatment with Anodyne we make a joint decision based on the balance of risks and benefits. We ensure your patient(s) is getting the most out of their treatment with clearly defined treatment goals.


Medical treatments

Opioid therapy

Pain management has come a long way from the days of prescribing opioids. Opioids are no longer the accepted standard of care in chronic pain management. Opioids have been found to cause a number of physical and psychiatric problems not least of which is the possibility of Opioid Induced Hyperalgesia. This is the opposite of what we are trying to achieve in managing your patients’ pain. Anodyne will therefore not routinely prescribe opioid medications in the management of chronic pain nor will we routinely provide authority to prescribe these. Anodyne will work with your patient in reducing their opioid requirements and get them to the point of improved analgesia with less opioids.


Medical treatments we offer

Opioid Substitution Therapy
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Please book a consultation at Anodyne to discuss if this treatment is right for you.

Medicinal Cannabis
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Please book a consultation at Anodyne to discuss if this treatment is right for you.

Infusion Treatments
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Psychedelic Therapies
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Interested in medical therapies for pain management?

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