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Case management

What is case management?

Case management is a collaborative process that typically involves a dedicated case manager (usually Allied Health) working with your patient and their healthcare providers. Case management is a tailored approach to your patients’ unique circumstances, but can be anything from coordinating health assessments to assisting with problems such as NDIS applications. Case managers can provide advocacy for options and services and assist your patient(s) with any physical and lifestyle challenges that arise as a result of their pain condition.


Case management

Does my patient need a case manager?

Case management is best suited to patients who have multiple medical, psychiatric and/or social conditions in association with their chronic pain – particularly if these conditions require the assistance of multiple health care providers. Case managers enable a seamless healthcare experience and can make the process easier for you and your patient. They can promote your patient’s recovery by ensuring all their differing care areas are coordinated in a safe and effective way.


Case management

What is involved in the process?

Anodyne can work with your patient in determining whether a case manager is the right addition to their pain management plan. We will conduct a goal setting plan and based on these findings a case management plan can then be put in place. Sometimes this initial assessment is completed by your patients treating doctor, but typically is directed by one of our experienced Allied Health care team members.


The benefits of case management at a glance:

  • Your patient will have a dedicated case manager to go to with any questions, concerns or challenges
  • Enables a more comprehensive and integrated healthcare experience
  • Centralises vital information so your patient doesn’t have to contact multiple providers and repeat their experiences time and time again
  • Streamlines communication
  • Improves care coordination between the multiple people involved including doctors and other health care providers
  • Your patient’s case manager may be able to improve prescription and treatment accuracy and eliminate unnecessary tests and procedures
  • You will benefit from having a clear course of action, and therefore be able to evaluate and track treatment progress more effectively