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Medical Consultation

What to expect

The first step for all new patients is to meet with one of our doctors for a one on one medical consultation. This could be with a Specialist that you have been referred to or one of our General Practitioners if you have referred yourself. Your initial review will take anywhere between 40 – 60 minutes, as we listen to your story, any current challenges you’re experiencing, and assess your pain condition. We then devise a tailored treatment plan that responds directly to your needs.


Medical Consultation

Getting to the heart of your pain

Your medical consultation will include a comprehensive assessment that considers all aspects of your physical health, including any underlying medical problems, your current treatments / medication, and lifestyle factors that might contribute to or be impacted by your pain. With our access to General Practitioners, Pain Specialists, Specialist Physicians, Surgeons, Rehabilitation Doctors, Allied Health and Natural Therapy providers we will help you navigate a suitable pathway to recovery.


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If you’re interested in a medical consultation for your pain condition, please book an appointment at the Centre with one of our GPs. Alternatively, your doctor can refer you to one of our pain specialists.

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