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Medical Consultation

Is surgery the answer?

It can be difficult to know where to go when a patient presents with a new or long-standing pain complaint. Is surgery the answer? Do I need to investigate further? Am I missing something? These are common questions facing many doctors. As a comprehensive pain specialist service, Anodyne can take care of all the assessment and management requirements for your patients’ pain presentation. With our access to Pain Specialists, Specialist Physicians, Surgeons, Rehabilitation Doctors, Allied Health and Natural Therapy providers we will help you and your patient navigate the right pathway to recovery.


Medical Consultation

What to expect

You can refer your patient(s) directly to one of our doctors for a medical consultation. This will include a comprehensive assessment of their pain condition that considers all aspects of their physical health, including any underlying medical problems, current treatments, and lifestyle factors that might contribute to or be impacted by their pain. We then devise a tailored management plan that responds directly to your question(s) and your patients needs.


Want to refer a patient for a medical consultation?

If you’re interested in a medical consultation for your patient’s pain condition, please go to our Referrals page for further details.