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Are CAM therapies effective in pain management?

CAM therapies are often selected by patients because of their perceived safety and “natural” profile. There are some pain based CAM therapies that have shown benefit (e.g. palmitoylethanolamide, acupuncture, Co-Enzyme Q10). However, many of these purported benefits do not have the scientific vigour to support their routine use. Similarly, they are not side effect free and can interact with other treatments. Anodyne will support your patients use of CAM therapies if they are: safe, effective, and not interacting or preventing use with medically required treatments.



What CAM therapies do your provide?

Anodyne’s holistic approach to pain management means we have access to most CAM therapies including Naturopathy, Acupuncture, Remedial Massage, Chiropractic, and Yoga to name a few. Under our guidance, we will ensure your patient is getting the most out of these natural therapies, promoting optimal outcomes and without compromise of their overall health.



Are CAM therapies right for my patient?

CAM therapies aren’t suitable for everyone, but many patients prefer a natural approach to their pain management. Depending on your patient’s needs, we can devise a completely medical free treatment program that promotes natural wellbeing and recovery, or recommend a complementary approach to their existing pain management plan. Our CAM therapists will work in conjunction with our medical staff to ensure any CAM therapies will not interact, or stop appropriate engagement, with any existing and required medical treatments.


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