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A unique perspective

Anodyne was created by Dr Vince Mondello; a Specialist Pain Medicine Physician and Psychiatrist. Working in the nexus between psychiatry and chronic pain, Vince has seen first hand the complex and wide reaching impact that pain can have on an individual and the multidisciplinary approach it requires. Anodyne adopts this same philosophy of taking a holistic approach to pain management, with a vision to expand our areas of expertise across all medical and non-medical approaches that will ultimately benefit the patient and guide them on their journey to recovery.


Seamless service leads to better care

Traditionally, pain care is managed by individual practitioners who come from completely different service areas and practices. If the different practitioners don’t work directly with each other, this leads to siloed treatments, a breakdown in communication and a fragmented understanding of the patient’s journey. For the patient, this style of care can be confusing, exhausting and even detrimental to their recovery. That’s why Anodyne offers a seamless end-to-end service all under one roof – so we can get to the heart of your pain faster, with all the benefits of an integrative approach.


Pain management, your way

One of the biggest challenges a patient faces is finding a treatment plan that works for them. There is no one size fits all approach – pain is unique, complex and diverse in its nature. That’s why we empower patients to take control of their care, supported by our guidance. Our aim is to lead the way with best practice, while giving you the autonomy to choose from flexible treatment plans that suit your lifestyle, with a mix of medical and non-medical procedures and a breadth of expertise. Together, we can reach an outcome that works for you.


Looking for a patient focused approach to pain management?

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