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Allied Health

Essential to long term recovery

Allied Health can play an integral part in your patients pain management and functional recovery. Chronic pain creates disability that oftentimes fails to change even with successful reductions in any pain. This disability requires a re-training of the mental and physical decompensation that occurs. Our Allied Health team members will work with you and our medical team to improve your patients’ pain, ensure appropriate treatment engagement, and assist in your patient’s functional rehabilitation and recovery.


Allied Health

What we offer

Anodyne offers assessments and therapies with various Allied Health members including Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Podiatry, Dietetics, Exercise Physiology and Social Work. They can work alongside you and our medical team to ensure the most appropriate and effective care.


Allied Health

The bigger picture

When you refer your patient for a comprehensive pain management plan all functional aspects of their pain needs will be considered. Applying diverse areas of expertise as part of a singular treatment plan means your patient will receive a fully integrative service. Their Allied Health treatments will work directly with any medical treatments they’re receiving to ensure they are receiving all the support they need under the one roof.


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If you are interested in your patient working with an Allied Health professional please send us a Referral. Please ensure to tick the comprehensive treatment plan on our referral form if you are wanting a fully integrated and comprehensive treatment plan.