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Ketamine infusion therapy

What are the benefits?

Ketamine infusion therapy can assist your patient(s) in the reduction of their pain intensity, facilitate rehabilitation and functional recovery. Ketamine can have the additional advantage of reducing your patients need for opioid medication and therefore any associated medication side effects. Ketamine is increasingly being used for mental health conditions such as treatment resistant depression and post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). More recent research has shown benefit in addiction medicine, in particular opioid and alcohol use disorders.


Ketamine infusion therapy

Are ketamine infusions safe?

Ketamine infusion therapy, when selected appropriately, are a low-risk and minimally invasive option that can have profound and long-lasting effects in managing your patients’ pain. Ketamine infusion therapies are completed by appropriately trained and qualified clinicians who have undergone years of vigorous training. It is important to be aware that ketamine infusion therapy for psychiatric indications are considered an off-label treatment, and are an option when first, second and even third line treatments have failed.


Ketamine infusion therapy

Where are ketamine infusions conducted?

Most of Anodyne’s ketamine infusions procedures will be carried out on site at The Anodyne Centre. For some pain and psychiatric related indications patients may be admitted to one of the private hospitals in Perth. For psychiatric treatment this will be as an outpatient at The Anodyne Centre or as an inpatient via Marian Centre Hospital as part of a two week admission.


Are you interested in referring a patient for ketamine therapy?

If you’re interested to learn more about whether a ketamine infusion therapy might work for your patient(s), please go to our ketamine resource page. Our blog also provides some unique insights into ketamine therapy. Alternatively, please send us a Referral or you can Contact Us with any questions.